Group Retreats

From mid-July through September, Crestone Mountain Zen Center opens its facilities for group retreats. We have been hosting meditation, yoga, music, dance, bodywork, wilderness, writing, and psychotherapy groups for more than twenty years.

Many retreat leaders have found that the daily meditation and the monastic atmosphere creates a unique container that enhances their group activity.

Group participants are always welcome to join the monastic community for morning and evening meditation.

Use the image slider below to learn more about the facilities available to your group: dining hall, meditation hall, practice space, garden and lawn.

Group Leader Testimonials

Dining Hall Our beautiful dining hall seats up to 30 people at one long table or up to 80 people at separate tables. Meals during the Group Guest Season are served buffet style. Alternatively, you can step out of the French doors and eat in the garden. Groups can also use this room as a meeting space. The Dome: Your Practice Space Originally conceived as an interfaith sanctuary, the 2,800 square foot Dome is a uniquely powerful space for group retreat activities. You can bring in yoga mats, meditation cushions, chairs, and music equipment to support your practice activities. The Dome can be heated for an additional fee. Meditation Hall Our traditional Zen meditation hall can be used for silent sitting meditation. It has space for up to 40 persons on the platform. Chairs can be brought in for larger groups or those unable to sit cross-legged. Join the daily residential morning and evening meditation or create your own schedule. Garden and Lawn The front yard lawn surrounded by vegetable and flower gardens is an oasis in our high alpine desert climate. It's a great place to relax and socialize in the sun or in the shade of two old juniper trees. Many groups take their meals outside while enjoying expansive views of the valley. Private Meeting Space Upon request and an additional fee, you may use our Tea House for private meetings or interviews with group participants. The building is surrounded by an enclosed rock garden. The interior has a high-end finish in the style of a Japanese Tea House with tatami mats and a Buddhist altar. Zen Cuisine We are known for our fine and inventive vegetarian cuisine. The kitchen is the heart of our community. Our meals, prepared three times a day from fresh ingredients, express our commitment to care and nourishment. It’s simple, unpretentious, healthy, delicious food. We accommodate usual dietary restrictions.


Guest House

The Guest House is a spacious building with a quiet atmosphere in the center of the campus. The five private Guest House rooms are the largest accommodations we offer.


Hillside Cabin

The Hillside Cabin is a guest favorite. It is located on the west side of the campus overlooking the San Luis Valley. Perks include a full bathroom and kitchenette.


Young Pine Hut

The Young Pine Hut is a cozy rustic two-story log cabin for one person. Upstairs is a sitting area with a low desk. From there a ladder leads to the bed on the lower floor.


Studio Rooms

The Studio, formerly the work space of a resident potter, was recently remodeled. It has three single rooms, each furnished with a desk, tea station and wardrobe.


Skylight Room

The Skylight Room is a spacious room with a separate entrance in the center of campus. It has a queen bed and features a large skylight with a handmade shoji screen.


Studio Corner Room

The quaint Corner Room is tucked into a log extension of the Studio, which was recently remodeled. A former resident and woodworker built custom furnishings for this space.



The Yurt is located on the outskirts of our campus with views of the local 14er peaks. It has comfortable beds for one or two persons, a deck, bookshelves, and a skylight.


Platform Tent

The Platform Tent has room for one or two persons. It has a deck, two single beds, tables, bookshelf, canvas shelves, and hooks for clothing – and great views of the local 14ers.



The campground is located in a beautiful flat sandy area. There are 10 campsites tucked into the piñon-juniper forest. Bathrooms are a 3-minute walk away.