The Dome – An Interfaith Practice Space
With its stunning interior and remarkable acoustics, the Lindisfarne Dome serves as the main practice and retreat space for summer group programs. Originally conceived as an interfaith sanctuary, the 2,800 square foot Dome is a uniquely powerful space for group retreat activities.

The Dome was conceived by William Irwin Thompson and remains open to the public. The stunning vaulting of the Dome was designed by Keith Critchlow and engineered by Tony Hunt. It was constructed by bending in place and laminating 2x4s into 12” thick beams to span 2800 square feet – then another web of smaller beams were shaped and laminated behind the main beams. Finally, thin lengths of wood were laminated together and formed around the outside of the smaller beams to make the skin of the dome. The center skylight is about 24 feet high.

Usable square footage: 2,180
Diameter (without stone rim): 52 feet

Meditation Hall
In addition, our traditional Japanese meditation hall (Zendo) can be used for silent sitting meditation and has room for up to 40 people. The interior was constructed by Leonard Brackett, one of the leading Japanese wood-joinery carpenters in the U.S. The photograph on the top of this page shows the Zendo during meditation.

Campus and Accommodations
Our campus includes the Main House with an Atrium and large Kannon-do Dining Hall,a Japanese style tea house, a garden with expansive views, and a network of meditation trails on 240 acres of piñon pine juniper forest.

The following guest accommodations are available: Hillside Cabin, Young Pine Hut Cabin, Guest House, Yurt, Skylight Room, the Studio Dormitory, and a campground. Currently we are able to provide beds for 27 participants, but for larger groups, participants can also use the Dome or the campground for camping or stay at local inns or neighboring spiritual centers.