Studio Corner Room

The Studio used to be the workspace for a resident potter. It was recently remodeled and partitioned. The quaint Corner Room is tucked into a log extension of the Studio. A former resident and woodworker built custom furnishings for this space.

The room is furnished with a twin bed, desk, closet, and area to make tea.

As of Spring 2020, a new private bathroom has been added at the end of the hallway. In order to maintain safe social distancing, bathrooms that are normally shared will be private.

Coronavirus Refuge Retreat Pricing

Prices per day including three vegetarian meals and WiFi:

$125 (single) – 7-14 days
$115 (single) – 15-30 days
$100 (single) – 31-45 days
$85 (single) – 46-60 days
$75 (single) – 61+ days