Skylight Room

The Skylight Room is a simple yet spacious room in the center of campus. The private entrance opens into a mudroom that has a closet and large window overlooking the campus. In the main room there is a large skylight that has a handmade shoji screen, a queen bed, desk, closet and tea station.

The Skylight Room can accommodate one or two people. It has a private bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

Coronavirus Refuge Retreat Pricing

Prices per day including three vegetarian meals and WiFi:

$170 (single), $230 (double) – 7-14 days
$160 (single), $220 (double) – 15-30 days
$145 (single), $205 (double) – 31-45 days
$130 (single), $190 (double) – 46-60 days
$120 (single), $180 (double) – 61+ days


Prices for Pundarika Retreat (August):

$175 (single)
$235 (double)